Frontend Engineer (Full Stack)

Trade Republic

February 2019 - July 2019


Link to website

Trade Republic is Germany's first mobile broker. I was working there as the only frontend engineer. It was a very challenging time because I implemented custom solutions for a blog, a help center and maintained at the same time the website and back-office for the internal usage of banking processes. The back-office was a full application with frontend and backend, both written in Typescript. In addition to that, I was in charge of the deployments in Kubernetes.

I loved working at a fintech. Unfortunately, I realized that I want to do more independent and in my future. After TR I started to freelance in Berlin.

Technologies I used at TR:

  • Vue
  • Vuex
  • Nuxt
  • GraphQL
  • Strapi
  • NodeJS
  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • MVVM -> Paradigm
  • HandleBarsJS -> I'm really trying to avoid this one :D